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Who We Are

Everstand was founded by experienced construction professionals that truly believe that residential construction can be done differently. We are builders and construction managers providing a variety of construction services to value-oriented customers in the greater Boston area. We stand for changing people’s current view of contractors by providing our customers with exceptional expertise, professionalism and integrity.

Reality shows us that every project has its inevitable challenges; we see this as an opportunity to excel in our planning and execution by always being communicating and collaborating with our clients and partners.

Everstand Construction employs experienced construction professionals aiming to provide our clients with the ultimate "construction experience"; An experience where dreams and vision become a reality due to the client's collaboration and Everstand's capabilities and resources. From our experienced crews to our management team we all stand for quality, reliability and professionalism.

We hold all our employees and partners to these high standards on a daily basis, so we can provide our clients with a hassle-free construction experience.

You have a dream and a vision; we can build it!

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Why Choose Us


Seeing your vision become a reality is what motivate us. We've gathered a group of experienced construction professionals that are passionate about the industry and take pride in the results they produce every day.


For us, honesty is the only policy and we strive to complete all projects with integrity, not just with our clients, but also with our suppliers and contractors. With a proven track record and an untouchable reputation, we pride ourselves in our ability to address and communicate the challenges and successes of any given project to all parties involved.


We see construction beyond plywood, studs, wires and piping; we are constantly looking for ways to improve our performance either from the use of the latest technology, training and by learning from the challenges we face. If there is a better way to do it... we will find it.

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